Emerald Coast Loss Control, Inc.

       "Our greatest asset is integrity"

About ECLC

After working in the insurance industry for over 25 years, I decided to start a professional service company that Insurance Carriers can rely on.  My first job in the industry was with a "fee" company and where I learned that management required field representatives to work long hours to produce "quotas" to make a reasonable living.  I spent six years with this company, moving all around the country, working in various management positions.  In 1980, I decided that pride in my own work would not allow me to continue pushing field reps through visits and reporting forms just to maintain this "quota".

I moved to an insurance carrier and quickly learned that many underwriters were frustrated with the service and quality of "Fee Company" work.  I was seeing this side of the business for the first time. This frustration continues today.

After two more moves with companies, I was requested to move yet again.  A larger company had merged with my company and they were repositioning employees based on their needs.  In 1995, I decided to put my future into my own hands and start a company based on qualities demanded in the industry.

Since being in business, I have been approached by a past supervisor and several other retired company professionals looking for the same core values as I was.  That was just the beginning. Today our company is servicing those larger companies as well as the smaller companies who deserve the same quality and service.

We will strive to provide quality reports, within your time service requirements, in an economical manner. We will provide a professional service to your clients and underwriters.  We thank you for the opportunity to work in concert with your Underwriting, Loss Control, or Risk Management department.

Ramsey Landry CSP